September 22, 2008
posted by Dan @ 20:01 PM

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My 3,864 watt PV array produced $80.08 of power in January 2014.

My children’s book is now available.  Find Green Dan Says! ‘Renewable Energy is Cool in paperback at www.PicoTurbine.com or at the link below for iPads.

Our home is 2040 sq.ft, is 100% electric, we both office from the house and we have a pool.

Occupancy is HIGH all the time!


2008 - $2,112.00

2009 - $1,868.00

2010 - $1,280.00

2011 - $1,630.00

2012 - $1,287.00

2013 - $1,154.00

This project was on the TV show “Renovation Nation”, April 24, 2009 on the “Planet Green” channel.


Dan’s Home Energy Project is a scientific experiment utilizing a new technology of Geothermal Energy Storage and a unique blend of photovoltaic (electric) solar technology, solar hot water technology, ground source heat pump technology, along with a (DDC) Direct Digital Control system, and automatic flow controls.

The scientific experiment is to find out how much I can increase the efficiency of my geothermal ground source heat pump during winter-time operation when utilizing Geothermal Energy Storage.

Geothermal Energy Storage in this case is preloading or storing the energy in the earth produced by the hot water solar collectors. This heat will be distributed through a maze of underground piping, strategically placed over the geothermal ground source heat pump loop field.

Please check back often, I work on this project every weekend!
Also check out my videos on YouTube at www.youtube.com/dantheprojectman

1. Will Geothermal Energy Storage be beneficial to the operation of the ground source heat pump in the winter?
2. If question one is answered yes, then how much Geothermal Energy Storage will be needed to accomplish higher efficiencies in the ground source heat pump?
3. If question one is answered yes, then how long will the Geothermal Energy Storage last?